Who we are

Moonsuk Choi, 12H Dance

Artistic Director

Moonsuk Choi

Born in South Korea. He is a dancer, choreographer and performer.
He studied at Sejong University in Seoul. 
In 2006, he created "Two different ways" and received the award for best choreography at the festival of young choreographers by Dance Association of Korea. 
In 2007, he created the work "Two different ways" at Jungdong Theater Art frontier project and "Never say Never". 
He received '2007's Best dancer' from Dance Magazine "Momm(The body) Korea" 
He created "Relation" for '2008 Critic's Choice' and became a price by Arts Council Korea in 2008.
In 2009 til 2012, He was a soloist member at Saarländisches Staatstheater/Donlon Dance Company under the Direction of Marguerite Donlon.
In 2012 till 2015 was a member by Daniel Hellmann(3 art 3 Company)/ Quan Bui Ngoc(les ballets C de la B) for "K" and "Untold". He worked with Martin Schick in Switzerland, MELO Collective in Sweden , Eunme Ahn Company (Theatre de la Ville) and Teresa Rotemberg (Rote Fabrik).
In 2013, he created "Inst.Act" for MODAFE Korea (Modern Dance Festival) and was chosen by Arts Council Korea as a supported "International Artist 2013". 
In 2014, he created "FIRST DATE" for Belgium Oostende DANSAND Festival. 
He presented his solo "Going Below" at the 2013 Vienna's Fifoo festival, SPAF 2014 (Seoul Performing Art Festival), New York 92Y and Berlin.
From 2016, He started to work with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Maqamat Dance Theatre/Omar Rajeh and Constanza Marcras/Dorky Park
In 2018 he co-creates the dance company 12H Dance.

Yamila Khodr, 12H Dance

Artistic Director

Yamila Khodr 

Born in Argentina. She is a dancer, choreographer and performer. She began her ballet training at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Art of Teatro Colón and the Contemporary  Dance School of Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires. She continued her dance education with a scholarship at the Uniiversity of Music & Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), where she also danced in works by G. Balanchine, William Forsythe and Toula Limnaios among others. Her graduation was followed up by a soloist contract at the Ballet of the Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbrücken and has danced in works by Marguerite Donlon, Stijn Celis, Helena Waldman, Teresa Rotemberg, Sommer Ulrickson, Carolin Finn, Itzik Galili, Marco Goecke, Marco Weigert, among others. 
In 2010 she was awarded for her “outstanding performance” in the role of Frida Kahlo by the Sponsor Club Price of the Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbruecken, Germany. 
She has taught repertory works of Marguerite Donlon at the University of Music & Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main and at the Bolshoi Ballet.

Since 2013 Yamila works as a freelancer with choreographers like Cie. mafalda/Teresa Rotemberg, Caroline Finn, Moonsuk Choi, Cie, If Human, Radhouane El Meddeb and Maqamat Dance Theater/ Omar Rajeh. 
Her performances includes tours  in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, USA, Poland, Greece,  South Korea, Thailand and Macao.

Her own creative projects includes choreographies, Installations and short films like  “Not Alone", "Marta & Maria",  "zap zap zap", "Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald" choreography for the play by Ödön Von Horváth for the Saarländisches Staatstheater in Germany.

"Marta & Maria, the movie" a dance film created and filmed in Buenos Aires. As well she choreographed for different youth projects. 

In 2015 she created, curated and produced “Hacia el Cenith”, an Interdisciplinary Event - Party in Buenos Aires. 

In 2018 She created “Ella, eine Inszenierung des Nichtseins” presented at Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin.

In 2018 she co-creates the dance company 12H Dance based in Berlin.

Why 12H?

12H Dance, Moonsuk Choi, Yamila Khodr

12H Dance it's a dance company created in 2018 based in Berlin, Germany 
directed by Moonsuk Choi /South Korea and Yamila Khodr /Argentina-Germany
the 12H Dance idea is based on cultural exchange and international cooperation through Art 
between South Korea - Germany - Argentina.
12 hours is the time difference between South Korea and Argentina. 
Both countries are in literally opposite sides of the Globe, jet, they have a lot in common. 
We believe we can make a political and social bond with culture, 
furthermore a bond and interchange between countries. 
According to our personal beliefs and experiences, art offers great tools in order to build bridges between different cultures and contribute to minimise conflicts between them in order to live in peace. 
We wish to build bridges, not walls.