In August 360°(working title)is continuing its creation process at Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen, Germany, premiere 16 and 17 November in Berlin , Uferstudios

Borderland in the making

the Borderland team in collaboration with 

KunstAcker BODENLABOR FÜR KUNST UND WISSENSCHAFT, working on the set design of the production. Public Showing on 27. July 2019


12H Dance is looking forward to our upcoming collaboration  with german composer Albrecht Ziepert and greek visual artist Erato Tzavara in a multimedia research with the support of the recidency program at Schloss Broellin (GER) . We will have a showing of the work in progress on the 27. July 2019

The research period in Dezember 2018 for 360° (working title) was a captured by Daniel Barth

360° (working title)

premiere at Uferstudios Berlin on 16. and 17. November 2019.

Ella, eine Inszenierung des Nichtseins

  the new solo work from Yamila Khodr a 12H Dance production, will premiere on 29.11.18 and a following date on 17.02.2019  at Pfeferberg Theater in Berlin under the program "Images, neue Choreografien"

Daniel Barth Photography