12H Dance
12H Dance
12H Dance
12H Dance


An audiovisual dance research 

Yamila Khodr & Moonsuk Choi

Erato Tzavara

Albrecht Ziepert

Residency at Schloss Broellin (Germany)


Fotos: Peter van Heesen

BorderLand" seeks to explore visible and invisible boundaries relating to human communication and interaction. Starting from micro perspectives of the human body's physiological/psychological intricacies, we expand to the macro level of geographical border socio-political identity definitions. The dialogue of moving bodies and negotiation of personal boundaries solidifies into the creation of spatial intersections defining then the unit within the gestalt.
The movement research of "BorderLand“ is elaborated allegorical to that by the combination of innovative sound and video technology with contemporary dance. Picture and sound responding to the moving dancers and in turn affect the movement of them. The various layers form an allegory of our world in which every action of an individual can trigger a flood of responses. Thus everyone creates his own social limitations and feed them at the same time with new input. How can one escape this invisible cage? 12H Dance investigate the phenomenon of invisible borders in a multimedia microcosm.